Submit your abstract now!

General guidelines

To maximise the number of presenters, each person can submit at most four abstracts, one from each of the following categories:

  • Oral presentation as presenting (first) author
  • Oral presentation as co-author
  • Poster as presenting (first) author
  • Poster as co-author

Please consider that talk lengths will be 12 mins (+ 3 mins for Q&A).

Posters should be in portrait layout and no larger than A0 paper.

Please send your abstracts to, with a title to your email in the format “IMPR abstract – oral/poster – your name”

Guidelines for submitting your abstract(s)

Please use the format provided in this file.

Abstract length is restricted to 250 words. Please make sure that the context/rationale of your work and the take-home-message are clear. Also, indicate the study region and geological/archaeological period (if applicable).

At the top of the uploaded file, please provide a concise and informative title (preferably less than 20 words), followed by the name(s) and affiliation(s) of all authors, with the first name denoting the presenting author. Indicate affiliations using superscript numbers. Affiliations can be brief, indicating department, organisation, city and country only.

Please leave a line space between affiliations and body text.